New Old Stock Hughes Aircraft Compu Chron LED Calculator Watch 1974

You might have seen a picture of this, or you might have spied one in an old movie or two, or maybe you just heard somewhere that these huge beasties really did exist sometime long ago, in the dim and distant past- now's your chance to own one of the best looking calcs you ever will see...

This is a New Old Stock Hughes Aircraft gold tone Compu Chron LED, in perfect condition, with its original box!! If you read my site regularly then you'll already know that Howard Hughes company made the module for a lot of the LEDs in the 70's and if you know a bit about Mr Hughes you'll know that he always did things on a grand scale and this is no exception...

This watch does three things- time, date and calculator. Left button date, right button time and press the "C" to start the calculator function.

All working perfectly and andready to go. This is a real rarity so if you want to add it to your collection don't dawdle call me now!



Size 37x48x15mm deep

Price £850